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Artists statement: Carl Jaycock

My artworks are primarily concerned with exploring ideas around identity and presenting them in a physical form that raises ideas and questions in the viewers. I explore the use of images via print processes and computer manipulated media raising questions on the complexity of identity and the connections between the local and global culture. I like to use images that are emotive to those viewing the artwork, people bring to the artwork there own cultural meanings that the images carry with them and combined with the micro content I aim to raise ideas and questions through this play of interpretations.

I have explored print on a wide range of materials most extensively on fabric and paper.

The computer has been an important tool in exploring micro and macro imagery in my practice. The collecting and the exploration of everyday images and re-contextualising imagery is manipulated and transferred onto new materials and forms. The outcome is artworks that utilise delicate craft skills with new media photographic processes to create strong visual work, which aims to connect to art, craft and other popular cultural traditions.

Carl creates artworks which encourage viewers to participate in the artwork by drawing them in to the micro and macro way that the images are created. The micro and macro combinations of images aim to raise questions in the way images are created and what is presented.

Project and Commissions:

Carl has a wide range of experience devising and completing projects and commissions these include large scale architectural involved works to create community connected projects utilising digital technology.

Most recently in 2009-10 Carl was selected to create a large scale Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Memorial artwork for University College Hospital London.

Art memorial project in consultation with the 1000s of staff at the new EGA wing of the hospital in Euston, London. To create a digital mosaic artwork for main entrance and wards combining all the staff and references to its Victorian founder. Project commissioned by the University of Central London Hospitals and the EGA family.Research support Jenny Loehnis – EGA family descendants, Aldeburgh Museum-Girton College, Harvard University-Mary Evans Picture Library, The Welcome Trust Library, Amanda Holden and UCLH Archives.

In 2006 Carl was selected to create a series of multi-panelled artworks for secondary schools large entrance way/canteen. Hadley Learning Centre/Secondary School commission (engineering status) a major new 94 million pound learning centre as part of the Governments new schools programme.

Carl has worked with pro/Posit in conjunction with architects Nigel Coates and Doug Branson and the Mac/Sampad team on the capital project development proposals for the Midlands Arts Centre. The project aims include ‘creating an arts centre for a truly multi cultural, fully accessible arts centre that is diverse and inclusive’.

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